Mid-Cut Huaraches From Tuxpan, Jalisco

Tuxpan in Southern Jalisco is a small town well known for its Tacos “Tuxpenos” and less known for its unique Mid-Cut Huarache style and the artisanal maguey liquour (formerly known as Mescal, before the appellation of origin (DO) from the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1995 limited the commercial use of the the word Mezcal to only 8 states in Mexico).

Nowadays there is so little demand for the Tuxpan Huarache “Tejido con Talonera Alta” that it can only be made on to order by the only remaining Huarachero in Tuxpan, Armando Ortiz, whose other styles can also be seen in The Huarache Directory HERE

Its possible that maguey harvesting may have encouraged the creation of this high collar style.

tuxpan side 34

tuxpan back 34

tuxpan multiview  Huaracheria Ortiz

2 Comments on “Mid-Cut Huaraches From Tuxpan, Jalisco”

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    These are beauties.

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    These are beauties.

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