Early Burras from Uruapan

I have posted about the traditional Mexican Burra Footwear already a couple of times on this blog and consider Burras another fascinating area of footwear research. These Burras I was lucky to photograph also at the Bata Museum in Toronto, their origins are from the 1950’s Uruapan area of Mexico. Although I have never seen a similar Burra design during my research in Mexico.

IMG_4433SML   Mexican Burras, Burras


4 Comments on “Early Burras from Uruapan”

  1. Now that is some THICK leather.

  2. Reblogged this on Paleotool's Weblog and commented:
    Some very thick leather shoes. They would last a remarkably long time under the worst conditions.

  3. Nice! These shoes have also a front ‘aero’ window! 🙂

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