úkata+ under construction!

Since my post in June, Huarache Blog readers have been asking “whats coming soon?”.

The úkata+ website is now officially under construction and the social media links are set up to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram with photos and insights about this new Huarache experience.

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úkata+, pronounced úkatamas is a special footwear brand that I am developing to offer really meaningful, cultural and conscientious product. And I look forward to introducing my many initiatives once the footwear is ready.

Its been a long road and arduous process finding the best quality materials and the most talented partners to help me bring my personal vision of the finest Huaraches to a bigger market. My goal is to elevate this craft, making it more desirable and sustainable, like for example wine, or even tequila.

Even as a footwear designer its been a very humbling journey sourcing and developing such Huaraches, not least because most of my time is spent living in rural Mexico working with local artisans.

But the biggest challenge has been that most of the footwear industry in Mexico doesn’t really cater to, and facilitate the creation of footwear made from more expensive natural materials. There just isn’t a market here for such footwear, so high quality suppliers and factories very few and far between.

Nonetheless  high quality footwear suppliers and factories do exist in Mexico and I have found them. And just like good quality food, I feel its our collective duty to support manufacturers that are still making high quality product despite the challenges. At least to help retain their traditional knowledge and offer choice and alternatives to future generations, if not through product, with culture.

For more information visit: http://www.ukatamas.com

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