TONCHEZ – High Top Huaraches

The TONCHEZ is a really creative twist to the traditional Ranchero Huarache.

And as soon as I wore them in the center of town so many people asked me where I had bought them, maybe because they look like cool Huarache High Tops. And of course you can also wear them the same way with your jeans inside.


This Huaraches style was invented by Antonio who is a traditional Haurachero Artisan and 2 friends also called Antonio, hence the name TONCHEZ, derived from “Tonio”.

For fun they even created a logo to emblazon the bold tongue and heel.


Until now the TONCHEZ was never made commercially because the large amount of leather used, which makes this style quite expensive to sell at normal Huarache prices. While traditional Huarache retailers will also shy away from such a radical style, although teenagers ask me where to buy them all the time.

Its such a cool design that should be available, that I asked Antonio if he would be willing to make a few pairs to share with Huarache Blog readers and he agreed that he could make this exclusive Huarache design to order.

These Huaraches are made in the rugged traditional Ranchero way and Antonio the Huarachero is as old school as they come. But instead of being made from bovine leather, they are made with thick goat leather that is softer and more expensive.


If you find this style fascinating like me, you can make a special order by clicking on “VISIT MY STORE” and then the “SAMPLES SECTION” section.

Or just CLICK HERE to order.

Because these Huaraches are made to order, if you prefer a heel, or a nailed instead of stitched sole just let me know in your Storenvy Order.

Only comes in natural un-dyed leather, the traditional way. No colours, although vegetable tanned leather will naturally turn into a delicious golden honey tan colour after just a few months of wear.

It will take about 10 days from order to shipping of these Huaraches.

Free Shipping to USA, Canada and Mexico Available – Takes 2 weeks from Mexico to the USA, or Canada. Or US$30 with DHL 3 day shipping.

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