Is Huarache Blog Disappearing From Internet Huarache Searches?

Despite championing the incredible Mexican craft of Huaraches on at least 6 blogs and microblogs and with well over 1000 tagged images and posts about Huarache footwear, I’ve noticed that Huarache Blog doesn’t feature in Google searches for Huarache, Huaraches and Huarache Sandals. I’m not sure why this is when no other website comes close to the amount of quality information about Huaraches which exists on Huarache Blog?

I wonder if someone someone could please advise me how I can make Huarache Blog more visible on Google. Thank you, Markus 🙂

– Huarache Blog is featured again in Google search and on page 2 ! 🙂 If someone fixed this for me THANK YOU very much!

2 Comments on “Is Huarache Blog Disappearing From Internet Huarache Searches?”

  1. Ray says:

    It could be that the Huarache is still in its infancy as far as popularity
    And then the season is usually early spring thru fall. So then the search and blog would be the most then. I have seen replica(not the original) in some stores and they have gone off the shelve so quick. So each year
    this trend will be gaining popularity. I suspect it will be big in 2017
    Just wait.

    • huaracheblog says:

      I don’t know Ray, Google introduced Authorship Rank that is supposed to prioritize high quality, original content to improve the general quality of Google searches. All I can see when I search for Huaraches on Google is online shops selling Sneakers, or 1 cheap Huarache style…which is far from “high quality”.

      Come on you guys at Google show some pride, I can see you’re often checking out Huarache Blog out of Mountainview and I don’t mean googlebot. Please make your search engine less commercially biased and have your googlebot discover and list websites with good content like this one, not your average sneaker reseller website.

      Thanks for your support Ray!


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