Huaracheros; Huarache Heros – Huaracheros; Huarache Héroes

For years I’ve shared photos of Huaraches and regrettably not enough of the Artisans who make such beautiful designs and their personal stories.

A few photos from an exhibition I’m preparing at a major Museum early next year.


4 Comments on “Huaracheros; Huarache Heros – Huaracheros; Huarache Héroes”

  1. Jose says:

    So so so sad to know that you are retiring. Extremely bad knews for me since ive been following you always. You were like a gateway to be linked with those huaracheros and us. I relly hope to stay in touch with you. I completly understand how safety runs in Mexico and i do not blame you.

  2. Richard Vega- 954-445-7951 usa says:

    I was hoping on meeting you next month September in Colima, dag gone it !! Hope all is well for you in Europe looking forward to one day meeting you and selling your ” Works Of Art” in USA.
    I was a Shoe buyer for Macy’s in NYC but now we live in Florida (east coast). Markus If you need anything from Mexico let me know?

    Markus there’s is no doubt that after finding your Blog and buying your beautiful works of ART that your The Best Of The Best !!! I’ve found you a little to Late 😦 I wish it was 2 years ago! None the less Dios te Bendiga ati !

    • huaracheblog says:

      Hi Richard, for sure its a huge shame. Thanks for all your moral support. Its been a lonely journey swimming against the current. I hope one day to pick up again, in which case I’ll be sure to reach out to you. Thanks again friend. Markus

      • Richard Vega- 954-445-7951 usa says:

        Likewise, Markus on a Good Note my Huaraches are holding up Super Great ! I’ll put them to the test next month when I’m in El Colomos, Manzanillo, Santiago, Colima and Guadalajara. lol. Might even visit my friends in Magdalena in Jalisco, and go to Pata De Gallo a Opal mine and others. Thanks for the fast reply !!! 😉 Your friend, Ricky

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