Hanging Up My Huaraches and Signing Off, For Now.

I often wondered if and when this moment would come.

Its a heartbreaking choice to make, since I care so much about this craft.

But after a number of years the time has come to hang up my Huaraches and taking a step back. My Museum exhibition is still scheduled for February and I will continue adding a few photos on http://www.huaracheblog.tumblr.com, but I will be leaving Mexico indefinitely tomorrow.

hanging huaraches-01

The last seven years have been my most amazing and intense journey of highs, lows and switchbacks. Like a pinball, down the rabbit hole into the real, raw and unsheltered world that is traditional rural Mexico. I never imagined that my interest in one object; such as a woven rustic leather sandal from rural Mexico, could reveal so much about humanity and myself.

The Kindness, Joy, Strength, Beauty, Tragedy, Deceit and Danger I experienced in Mexico have forged an emotional bond that is very hard to break. Mexico where everything felt possible, but was equally improbable, so inspired me to challenge the status quo and extend myself as much as I could. As a Design Consultant, creating a Huarache Brand and New Huarache Designs, Researching and Supporting the Craft and its Artisans across Mexico. Not to mention learning an new language and business administration…oh and the heat!

But maybe I tried to much, over extended and now this chapter has seems to have reached its natural end.

I hope my work on Huaraches has helped, and that others in their own ways will continue to help sustain this precious cultural treasure, which is not just Mexican, but of the World.

I encourage everyone who sees an opportunity to do meaningful good in their life to take it, albeit with a little caution and more careful planning. Because you may not get a second chance in the short time we have on this little rocky ball spinning in space.

I’m very grateful for this special opportunity of a lifetime and for everyone I met on this journey.

Thank you all for your support.

I hope I will be able to return one day, and until then my friends, hasta luego.



P.S. I will not be selling anymore Huaraches. But you may be able to buy directly from the artisans by visiting The Huarache Directory HERE


Muchas veces me he preguntado si y cuando llegaría este momento.

Es una decisión desgarradora de tomar, ya que quiero tanto a esta artesania.

Pero después varios anos ha llegado el momento de colgar mi Huaraches y dar un paso atrás. Mi exposición de Museo aún está programada para febrero y seguiré agregando algunas fotos en http://www.huaracheblog.tumblr.com, pero mañana dejaré México indefinidamente.

Los últimos siete años han sido mi viaje más increíble e intenso de altos, bajos y retrocesos. Como un pinball, por la “amadriguera del conejo” en el mundo real, crudo y sin abrigo que es el México rural tradicional. Nunca imaginé que mi interés en un objeto; Tal como una rústica sandalia en cuero tejido de México rural, podría revelar tanto sobre la humanidad y mí mismo.

La bondad, la alegría, la fuerza, la belleza, la tragedia, el engaño y el peligro que vivi en México han forjado un vínculo emocional que es muy difícil de romper. México, donde todo me pareci posible, pero fue igualmente improbable, me inspiró para desafiar el statu quo y extenderme tanto como pude. Como Consultor de Diseño, creando una Marca de Huaraches y Nuevos Diseños, Investigando y Apoyando la Artesanía y sus Artesanos en México. Por no mencionar el aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma y incluso en la administración empresarial … oh y el calor!

Pero tal vez traté de extender demasiado y ahora este capítulo parece llegado a su fin natural.

Espero que mi trabajo sobre los Hauraches haya ayudado y que otros en sus propias maneras continúen ayudando a sostener este precioso tesoro cultural, que no es sólo mexicano, sino del mundo.

Animo a todos los que ven la oportunidad de hacer un bien significativo en su vida para tomarla, aunque con un poco de precaución y una planificación más cuidadosa.

Porque tal vez no tendrás una segunda oportunidad en el corto tiempo que tenemos sobre esta “piedrota” que gira en el espacio y que llamamos tierra.

Estoy muy agradecido por esta oportunidad especial de toda una vida y por todos que conocí en este viaje.

Gracias a todos por su apoyo.

Espero poder volver un día, y hasta entonces mis amigos, hasta luego.



P.S. No venderé más Huaraches. Pero tal vez pueden comunicarse y comprar directamente de los artesanos, visitando The Huarache Directory HERE

10 Comments on “Hanging Up My Huaraches and Signing Off, For Now.”

  1. Ray Rozales says:

    I have tramendiously enjoyed your blog, your experiences, your wonderful insight of this beautiful art. It has made my recovery from cancer a lighter journey. I will miss you my friend. I will wish you the best of what you persue in your next journey. Please come back soon because there will many people you have inspired in this art and will be waiting. Until then……….. Dios lo Venga

  2. ccratigan says:

    Hello, Markus, First of all, my Ranchero Ochillados arrived two days ahead of schedule, and they are exceptional. Perfect fit, extraordinarily well made and very comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for, or received, a better huarache. So, thank you for that. Second, to get the best historical perspective of your efforts over the past seven years building and promoting a huaraches business, I went back in time and read all of the Blog entries. You are to be praised for the work you put into a challenging field. As you stated in your farewell, everything from joy to danger crossed your path. I reviewed those entries with my wife, and her immediate comment was that you have a book in there, the basis of which already is done. I hope you take her suggestion with a degree of seriousness. As a former corporate marketing guy myself, I found it interesting, and sad, that you were able to watch your chosen field slowly decline right before your eyes due to lessening demand, and the inevitable aging process of even the best artisans in the very game you were working so hard to promote and keep alive. I suppose that’s a sort of progress, but not the type you had hoped to see.  Last, I wish you the very best in your new endeavor. I look forward to the museum show, and hopefully, to your inevitable return to the huaraches game. Your departure will be a real loss to your signifant band of loyal followers, myself included. Respectfully, Charlie RatiganManitowoc, Wisconsin

    Sent from Samsung tablet.

  3. A beautifully written post best wishes for what you do next

  4. Jose Joven says:

    Markus, I stumbled across your blog a year or so ago with a simple google search for huaraches. I found much more than I was looking for here. You taught me so much about the sandal, the craft and the people still involved in the trade. Reading about your work and your adventure has been fascinating, and it influenced me to go on my own Mexican adventure this past winter.

    I am not sure I have read every post in your blog…I keep finding nuggets from the past. I hope the blog will remain up for people like myself to learn about this amazing craft.

    All the best in your future endeavors, know that you will be missed.

    Jose Joven midwest USA

  5. EL CHAVO! says:

    I’m sorry to see you end this chapter of your life, but I know that it is always better to acknowledge a closure of sorts rather than to let things linger and degrade as the interest wanes. I bought a pair of huaraches from you and they are one of my most prized possessions. I started following your blog mostly because I was getting frustrated with the low quality huaraches we had started to receive even here in Los Angeles, I mean, come on! I fear the race to the bottom is on, but I do plan on visiting Mexico sometime soon and stocking up on some quality foot ware.

    Thank you for showing us the beauty of such a simple sandal, your observations will be missed.

    Saludos desde Los Angeles!

  6. JD Ware says:

    Checked out the blog today hoping to finally buy a pair of huaraches …… Gracias for all your work documenting this beautiful craft. I am an artisan / knifemaker living in Mexico and often come to your site for inspiration.

  7. Nancy Sutuc says:

    One of my favorite blogs. Very saddened to hear this, pero te deseo mucha suerte!

    Enamored with the crafting of this shoe and happy owner of many huaraches through the years I will miss seeing the detailed photos.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible craft.


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