Anukia the Pioneers of Coloured Huaraches

Nowadays brightly colored Huaraches are quite normal, but in 2010 when I first arrived in Mexico all Huaraches were either tan, or chocolate brown color..Sure there was also the Green, White and Red style worn by Wixarika, but unbelievably Huarache design didn’t include bright colours.

If 8 years ago you asked any artisan to make colored Huaraches and they would reply skeptically that “colored Huaraches looked strange and were not commercial”. I thought maybe because they were still mostly focusing on men’s styles.

And it was almost impossible to find affordable colored vegetable tanned leather in Mexico, because there was little to no demand for it.

Then around 2013, I noticed some bright purple and turquoise hand painted leather women’s Huarache styles. Despite admiring the improvised tenacity of Anukia, my first impression was that hand painting the natural colored tan leather looked crude and made the Huaraches look coated and unrefined.

But the result was a surprising massive colorful explosion of leather weaves, mostly in the Huarache making town of Sahuayo, Michoacán.

And the beggining of a National and International Huarache tsunami, boom of colored women’s Huaraches which was a lifeline to the craft of Huarache making.

From some of the biggest international footwear fashion brands, to small social entrepreneur start-ups and the smallest family workshops, by 2015 the coloured Huarache had become a global footwear sensation.

Such a big demand also led to coloured veg. tan leather production and therefore even the few remaining Mexican veg. tanneries also benefitted. And today Huarache veg. tan leather has become widely available in many colours and has a rich smooth finish.

The Huarache craft is flourishing again and it all began thanks to Anukia who introduced a few hand painted coloured Huaraches, made in a small family  workshop.

Anukia a creative couple from Guadalajara who started an International coloured Huaraches trend.

Anukia, the original coloured fashion Huarache.

To give credit, where credit is due, I recently contacted them to congratulate them. Please click to the next page, after the jump to read what they told me about their journey.

Anukia was created in 2011 by the passion and tenacity of Ana Lucia and Juan Manuel, a Make-Up Artist and Music Engineer from Guadalajara.

In 2010 on holiday in the small mountain town of Talpa, Jalisco, Ana was looking for bright Huaraches to combine with her clothes.

Unable to find any Ana and Juan decided to start Anukia.

They began by visiting many small towns where traditional Huaraches are made and At first it was very difficult, not only because they had no footwear experience, but so many artisans were unwilling to make coloured Huaraches saying things like “kids, these won’t sell”, “they will be very expensive to make”, or “you can’t use colours on Huaraches”.

Eventually they arrived in the Huarache making town of Sahuayo, Michoacan where they met kind artisans who made their dreams possible and thanks to whom Anukia exists today.

Please follow Anukia through their social media channels :-

Or visit them at their Showroom in Guadalajara:-

Av. De Las Rosas #150
Col. Chapalita
C.P 44500
Guadalajara Jalisco México

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