Please Share Huarache Blog and The Huarache Directory

Compare the content of Huarache Blog and the Huarache Directory to other sources on Huaraches either online (pinterest, instagram, facebook), or in books and I think you will agree there exists nothing similar. Without travelling to Mexico, who, or where else can you learn about the craft of Mexican Huaraches, or contact Huarache Artisans directly?

Please share the link of this blog and the Huarache Directory if you think they are interesting.


Because despite tagging with multiple words including Huarache, Huaraches, or Guaraches, and the word Huarache being written countless times, unfortunately this Blog’s content is disappearing from Google search and being replaced and drowned out by commercial websites and photos of generic sport shoes and mass produced sandals.

And unfortunately the same is happening with the only resource dedicated to putting people directly in contact with Huarache artisans. I’m at a loss for words as to why this not for profit important service is being burried by less valuable content?

Without spending money on SEO agencies, I’m not sure how else can I promote the craft of Huaraches? Especially now that I no longer live in Mexico, it’s impossible for me to regularly update this blog.

Maybe the Google algorithm does not consider old blog posts relevant as newer publications. Or most Google users are looking specifically to buy Huarache branded sport shoes, so its hard to fault an algorithm that is doing an excellent job of identifying the most relevant websites.

But I’m saddened that over time fewer people will be able access, or come across this site via search engines and instead be shown links to retail providing only commercial mainstream footwear. For old Huarache Blog readers none of this will matter, but what about all the new readers? What Huarache content will be accessible to them online in the future?

Really, I wouldn’t mind if my Huarache infirmation was replaced by equally relevant, or better content. If someone in Mexico would post about the craft of Huaraches and promote Artisans I would gladly support and promote their blog. But so far no one seems to be stepping up.

It seems that Google search is becoming an online supermarket. I’ve noticed that Bing search results seem to be more inclusive, balanced and content selective.

Imagine if Wikipedia entries were replaced by commercial products and brands sharing the same name. If it became difficult to access informative content.

Unfortunately Wikipedia won’t even mention, or publish the link to Huarache Blog because their rules state that blogs are unreliable sources of information.

Is this the future we want for the internet?

The internet should be for learning and sharing, as much as it should be for buying.

If you happen to reach this blog, or the Huarache Directory and find them interesting, please mention it to your friends, or share their links, even to which has an amazing and largest number of interesting Huarache photos to share, especially compared to any search engine.

Besides my Tumblr updates I don’t post much since leaving Mexico, but I think there doesn’t exist anywhere in the world such a big resource regarding the unique craft of Huaraches and traditional Mexican Woven Footwear.

When it comes to the craft of Huaraches, Huarache Blog contains more information than Facebook, Pinterest and even Instagram. It’s a shame to see it become relegated because of a simple technicality.

Thank you.


4 Comments on “Please Share Huarache Blog and The Huarache Directory”

  1. Marcus, I followed your blog and really enjoyed it. I even purchased huaraches from you, which I love and still wear. You wrote you were finished with the blog and moving on. It was disappointing, of course, but then we move on too. Your blog will exist, but will fade as all things then move on when something is over. I hope all is well with you.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s difficult to accept that informative content should be drowned by commercial content. Should the Wikipedia entry of Huarache Footwear be replaced by offers of discounted sport footwear?

  2. Ray Rozales says:

    Thank you Markus for all your hard work and dedication to this craft and the people and stories you have so graciously worked on and have written about. I have never read or seen so much detailed information on Huaraches. Please know that you have made a giant contribution to this craft and the people within it. I believe that it will be there for a long time to come.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Thank you very much Ray. Your kind words mean a lot to me. But please try share, because slowly the online search engines are forgetting Huarache Blog. And despite the success of Sahuayo made Huaraches, the craft in other parts of Mexico and the single, or small workshop artisans are losing their online platform.

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