Huaraches Work in Progress – Update

Weaving Huaraches

A quick apology to readers of Huarache Blog for the slow progress and few posts during the last 6 months. Besides the fact that new Huarache related information is becoming harder to come by, it’s mainly due to another interesting Huarache related transition that I’m making.

I can’t reveal too much in this post besides the fact that although the journey has become a bit more challenging, the rewards just keep accumulating.

Despite my slow posting, I still sell the best classic Huaraches like the ones you see on my feet tapping away to the classic “Caminos de Michoacan” song.

They don’t make Huaraches like these anymore, not even in 99% of Mexico. The increasingly rare traditional 3-4 months tanning process makes them virtually last a lifetime and age beautifully. Its because traditional tanning is considerably more labor intensive and expensive that only a handful of people still continue the tradition. In recent months I’ve been very lucky to wear Huaraches made from such freshly tanned leather, that compared to regular leather has a unique glow and comparison it’s almost like the difference between a freshly grilled steak to an old dried up one.

I prefer such artisanal leather, unfortunately its un-industrially long processing lead times are not currently feasible in the traditional 50 point margin, low inventory, high volume business model.

Although footwear made from leather tanned with this 3-4 month pre-industrial method has become virtually impossible to find, you can still snap up the few pairs of Huaraches that are still made using this method HERE

Thanks for reading Huarache Blog and stay tuned as I hope to bring you some good Huarache surprises in the coming months!