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Huarache Blog often receives requests for wholesale orders on the Huaraches it photographs from Mexican and International readers.

Introducing the The Huarache Directory created to facilitate contact between buyers and Huarachero artisans.

Click HERE to visit The Huarache Directory

Huarachero Artisans will be able to post a number of images of the Huaraches styles that they specialize in, followed by a brief personal profile, production capacity and contact information. Buyers will be able to select the Huarache styles they prefer and directly contact the Huarachero without making the long trip in search for Huaraches.

Click HERE to visit The Huarache Directory


  1. Dana Swanson says:

    I’m so glad I found your site! I’ll be making a trip to Guadalajara next month. One of the items on my shopping list is a nice pair of huaraches. I only have two days for shopping and I’ve dedicated part of one day for the Central Market. I’ve read through your posts regarding the market and the huaracheros there. Do you have the the stall numbers of your favorites? I speak Spanish, so I’ll be able to find them, but the market is so big and maze-like that stall numbers would be a huge help. Thanks, Dana.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Hi Dana, the Huaracheria stalls are all clustered together in the far left corner of the market. The market is quite well laid out so you shouldn’t get lost. Very few Huaraches are still made in the Market itself, but nevertheless there is quite a big selection from Jalisco and Michoacan. Enjoy your trip. And while you’re in GDL try some local Tejuino to drink.

  2. Murray says:

    I’m in San Miguel de Allende and want to connect with a huarachero. Do you have any ideas???

    • huaracheblog says:

      I don’t think there are any Huaracheros in San Miguel..Try Huarachero Francisico Gomez also the owner of a Huaracheria store on Av.Hidalgo 58 in the center of nearby Dolores Hidalgo.

  3. Murray says:


  4. Tony says:

    Regarding your article:

    Are these essentially thatches used for roofing as seen here?

    I’m trying to find a wearable one for a costume but I’m coming to a dead end.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Yes they look similar to the “Capisallo” from Puebla..However although the weave is the dimensions of the thatching version you refer to seem shorter and wider…75cm seems a little short and 8 Foot a little too wide.

  5. Luis says:

    I like a couple pair of huaraches I got a
    Picture of the ones I like I u have number or email please get back at me

  6. djl says:

    have you thought of writing a book on how to make them? the art needs to be preserved and i would love to learn to weave my own..

  7. I bought a great pair of huaraches in SMA (San Miguel de Allende) in the market right downtown…they were in the mens shoes and are very comfortable. Better than Prada. I don’t know if they were made in town but you could ask, I paid about $20 (for your San Miguel poster)

  8. Webster Merritt says:

    Are the Salanos still available?

  9. Amarjeet Kalra says:

    looking for exporter of mens and ladies contact a j 972-484-8000 usa

  10. Debby says:

    I want to buy a pair of huaraches I had a pair in the 1970 and I loved them

  11. Nick says:

    Trying to find Huaraches in Puebla; but only ones that resemble the Zuzsi Pata de Gallo.
    Any leads and specifics on where I might locate them? Muchas Gracias!

    • huaracheblog says:

      Head north to Cuetzalan, but only for the Sunday Market, won’t find them in Puebla city, and unlikely even in shops in villages, only mountain markets in northern Puebla state. For more info search for Cuetzalan on Huarache Blog, or google it. Please note they are made for local farmers, therefore not the gringo Zuzsi quality you may be expecting. Good luck, Markus

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