Senor Trujillo, Artist and Huarachero from Jocotepec.

Senor Trujillo in Jocotepec, Jalisco makes the most detailed and original Huaraches I have seen. His fine weaving adds much craft and incredible value to every area of the Huarache. All of Senor Trujillo’s Huaraches are custom made and cannot be purchased at any market, in fact nowhere but directly through him. The Huaraches below are only a few of the styles he makes and if you visit his workshop ‘Taller’ he has photos he can show you of many more styles.

He refers to some as ‘Petatillo’, but they are much more than other ‘Petatillo’s’ because they are crafted with so much attention to detail. This design he modestly calls the ‘Petatillo Voltiado’.

Notice how the collar has a woven detail, which he calls ‘terminado con trencita’.

Then there is the ‘Petatillo Voltiado Para Playa’ which has a signature collar line.

And the ‘Petatillo Voltiado Cerrado’.

The heel strap has a strip of leather on the lower part call a ‘Fuerza’ this is to give the part a bit more strength so over time it keeps its shape better. This detail looks like a ‘gard espuela’ used to correctly position spurs when riding with Huaraches, but it is made from thinner leather.

The ‘Tejido de Palmita Huarache’ is a very intricate version of one of my favorites, the ‘Tejido’ Huarache style from Zamora.

Here is a short video of Senor Trujillo weaving a ‘Tejido de Palma’ Huarache.

This is the ‘Zapatilla 7 Cordones’ Huarache.

Senor Trujillo prefers to add a thin coat of polish to his naturally tanned Huaraches because it reduces staining from things such as rain. But he makes all his Huaraches according to his clients tastes.

The ‘Oscaria (kind on white leather) con cordones diagonales y rombos’.

The ‘Oscaria (kind on white leather) con cordones ‘V’ y rombos’.

The simple but elegant ‘Cruzado Sencillo’.

Senor Trujillo also makes a good selection of Huaraches for women. Like the ‘Doble Ocho’ Huarache below.

And the ‘Trencitas’ you can order the amount of braided strap that you want for you custom made pair. Of course as with all Huaraches the straps are made from a single strip of leather woven into the sole without the use of glue or nails.

And last but not least a pair of custom made women’s ‘Cruzado de Paloma’ Huaraches made with a cowboy last and heel.

Senor Trujillo’s workshop ‘Taller’ was very interesting, especially for the variety of tools he uses to craft his very complex and finely woven Huaraches.

Below is an old photo of Jocotepec and of Senor Trujillo’s elder brother who taught him how to make Huaraches.

For more information and to order some custom made Huaraches, visit or call Senor Trujillo at:-

Calle Guadalupe Victoria 178 Sur,

Colonia Centro,

Jocotepec, Jalisco


Tel. +52.387.763.2367


Cel.+52. 331.350.3741


or visit


8 Comments on “Senor Trujillo, Artist and Huarachero from Jocotepec.”

  1. david lemus says:

    quisiera saber el cost de un par de huaraches Petatillo Voltiado Cerrado
    y si manejan envio.

  2. Raul Gonzalez Diaz says:

    quiero agradeserte por toda esta informacion se que no eres mexicano y deseo que dios te bendiga por tu trabajo .yo estoy feliz y primero dios ire algun dia a mi MEXICO QUERIDO A COMPRAR HUARACHES.

  3. Sr. Ramirez Trujillo is a true artist – it is so great that you are documenting this vanishing Mexican craft. I have a pair of his huaraches and they are gorgeous. I hope he is training a younger person to take over for him as he ages but now with flip-flops and Crocs available at every Wal-Mart in Mexico I fear he is the last of a vanishing breed….muy triste…

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog!

    • huaracheblog says:

      Thanks Jillian! Unfortunately Sr. Ramirez has no employees. But I think his sons, like many children of Huaracheros and the new Mexican generations have found good jobs at large computer companies in Guadalajara.

      I have recently met a young 30 something Huarachero of fine Huaraches in nearby Ciudad Guzman but he is also struggling to find clients willing to pay for his fine work. As such he is working in a cobblers shop instead. I’m hoping I will be able to sell a few of his Huaraches on úkata soon.

  4. Rosa says:

    Updated contact info as of March/2016: Visited Senor Trujillo this week. Beautiful Quality! It will take about 4 weeks, and these shoes will be fitted exactly to each foot… perfecto! I ordered a lovely pair of huaraches! We could not reach by phone or email, so we went for a visit. He has a new phone number of (cell) 332-231-0593. Best way though, is to just visit during the day. Easy to find… From Ajijic drive to Jocotepec on main drive you will drive right into Joco, towards center of town. Miguel Ramirez Trujillo 178 Calle Guadalupe Victoria will be a left turn up ahead, before you reach the center.

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