Fine Huaraches – MAP Exhibition Video

After just over 2 months my first Huarache exhibition at the MAP museum in Mexico City closed this week.

The Museo de Artes Populares is a very beautiful world class museum dedicated to Mexican Crafts. They are a true patron and I am so grateful for their interest and help.



7 Comments on “Fine Huaraches – MAP Exhibition Video”

  1. Alejandro C. Diaz says:

    I am very impressed and appreciative of your work in helping to keep this craft alive. I live 4 months in Napa Valley and 8 months in La Piedad Michoacan. I have started a project to market “burras” in the USA to help promote this wonderful art. Next week I will go to Sahuayo to locate artisans and suppliers. I would be very honored to meet you either in the USA or in Mexico. Congratulations on you exhibit in Mexico City. Unfortunately, I did not know about it until today.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Dear Alejandro, thank you for your kind words. Finding Burras will be like looking for a needle in a haystack..not least, but if you find someone who will make them, it’s unlikely they will know, or want to nail the upper to the sole. I am now living in Russia, I hope my research was useful 🙂 Good luck

      • Alejandro C. Diaz says:

        Hola Markus! Thank you for your reply. I was traveling and unable to respond sooner. Your blog has already been of great help to me. Today I went to Puruandiro and met Jose Espino. I mentioned your name and he recalled your visit (he said you were younger and shorter and me, I agreed). I asked him to make me a couple of prototypes with some leather I purchased in Napa. He agreed but sent me to Leon for additional supplies. I am to meet with him in next week. I still would like to meet up with you so that I can discuss my project with you and pick your brain. Next year I would be able to travel overseas and perhaps we can meet there. By the way, I purchased some interesting huaraches on a site by the name of “Touch of Modern.” You may want to check them out. Hope you are well… enjoy the world cup!

      • huaracheblog says:

        Dear Alejandro, will be interesting to see how your boots come out. The leather Mr. Espino uses is very thick. The Touch of Modern sandals you mention are probably Chappals from India, they are not made in Mexico and the construction is made by making a woven leather mat.and tying it with knots to the sole, each weave is knotted separately. Unfortunately I now live in Russia, so it will be not easy to meet. Be careful not to waste too much time, Mexico is a place where which is so inspiring, everything appears possible, but will be equally improbable. Good luck, Markus

  2. huaracheblog says:

    The other sandals on a touch of modern are vegan Huaraches from Malibu Sandals made in China. Every now and then the take my photos for their instagram feed.

    • Alejandro C. Diaz says:

      Hola again Markus. Thank you for your insight regarding what is possible but improbable… I understand exactly what you mean. I was born in Mexico but lived in the US since age 2. Although I would visit every other year, it has been a culture shock for me now that I live here most of the year. I find that certain tasks that are quick and efficient in the US are quite time consuming and frustrating in Mexico. Yet, I feel a strong desire to accomplish something meaningful in my country of birth… so I will persevere as long as I can…. I do travel to Europe from time to time. Next time I travel there I will contact you and then travel to Russia. I will keep you posted on my progress. In fact, today I found out about a huarachero in Irapuato who makes burras. I will try to meet up with him next week. By the way, I had to “purchase” this information from the vendor here in La Piedad… $1,500 pesos! I also would like to know if you plan on keeping this blog on-line indefinitely or if you plan on shutting it down. I have not yet read all of it! Thanks.

      • huaracheblog says:

        Hi Alejandro, no need to shut the blog down as long as people are interested in Huaraches and it can show people an alternative. Make careful assessments of who you work with and work with as many talented people as you can. Passion helps you to work hard, but talent is necessary to work smart. Be smart and skilled as you are motivated. TOMS has tried, Vintage Artisan..Inkkas, read this..

        Good luck friend, please share any photos from your journey, maybe you have a blog, I will gladly share your story. Markus

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