Fine Huaraches – MAP Exhibition Video

After just over 2 months my first Huarache exhibition at the MAP museum in Mexico City closed this week.

The Museo de Artes Populares is a very beautiful world class museum dedicated to Mexican Crafts. They are a true patron and I am so grateful for their interest and help.




2 Comments on “Fine Huaraches – MAP Exhibition Video”

  1. Alejandro C. Diaz says:

    I am very impressed and appreciative of your work in helping to keep this craft alive. I live 4 months in Napa Valley and 8 months in La Piedad Michoacan. I have started a project to market “burras” in the USA to help promote this wonderful art. Next week I will go to Sahuayo to locate artisans and suppliers. I would be very honored to meet you either in the USA or in Mexico. Congratulations on you exhibit in Mexico City. Unfortunately, I did not know about it until today.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Dear Alejandro, thank you for your kind words. Finding Burras will be like looking for a needle in a haystack..not least, but if you find someone who will make them, it’s unlikely they will know, or want to nail the upper to the sole. I am now living in Russia, I hope my research was useful 🙂 Good luck

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